Fruit in chocolate. Tailor-made.

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Delicious flavors, no artificial additives, fair chocolate. That’s exactly what it is all about at ChocolateTailors. We provide freeze-dried fruit with a tailor-made suit made of tasty dark chocolate.



Our product's core consists of freeze-dried fruit. Unlike other drying methods, the freeze-drying process makes sure that the flavors and nutritional content of the fruit is preserved well: up to 90% compared with fresh fruit. Furthermore, freeze-drying creates an incredible crunchy texture.

All in all a wonderful, crunchy and healthy fruit-snack without the addition of artificial flavorings, colorants, sweeteners or any other additives. Just fruit without its water!



We exclusively use Fairtrade-certified chocolate in our products. Fairtrade is an internationally well-known certification program that stands for better prices, decent working conditions and a fair deal for farmers. This allows the farmers and their employees in countries like Ivory Coast and Ghana to improve their lives and plan for their future.



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